Shocking Mold Story Of The Week

Shocking Mold Story of the Week

This week our story comes from a client that was shocked (NOT literally) to see what was behind their kitchen’s light switch covers. Our customer had just started a kitchen renovation on their countertops and backsplash when it came time to do the easy work of replacing their kitchen light switch covers. This usually takes just a few minutes and it’s a relatively cheap way to spruce up the appearance of light switches. 

As we have talked about before mold can travel between the studs and walls from your exterior wall to the interior areas of your house. When our client took off the old light switch covers they revealed black mold surrounding their light switch boxes.

As you can see above there is rust on the metal and black mold on the light switch box. The client then proceeded to take off the remaining light switch covers and out of the remaining light switch covers in the kitchen only found one other that had black mold.

Once the client discovered the black mold they contacted us right away and we came over and immediately found the source of the issue. The moisture we found was coming from a leaky outdoor faucet that had a leak that was located underneath the kitchen area. 

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