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Reliable mold testing Richmond, VA contractors, seem short in supply when you need them most. Some rely on outdated inspection methods, while others can’t seem to be bothered.

How can you know for sure if your family is at risk without proper testing? When you need dependable contractors and simplified answers, you need to hire us first.

Pro Mold Removal Richmond provides a wide range of solutions to keep homes safer. Whenever you suspect mold and mildew issues, we always have a solution to the problem.

Go beyond what cheap store-bought detection kits can find and choose our professional contractors today. No one manages mold in the community quite like our experienced technicians.

Who Needs Our Mold Testing Experts in Richmond, VA?

The number one thing mold needs to begin growing is a source of moisture. That includes damp carpets, bathrooms, basements, and near windows where water can pool.

Another item mold requires is a consistently cool temperature of about 65˚ Fahrenheit. That is about ground temperature, so it makes any cement surface a suspect.

When you factor in problems like roofing leaks, mold is pretty much guaranteed to grow. You may have it spread across drywall, lumber, concrete, and other building materials.

Sometimes, these growths take place behind your walls and your subfloors. When in doubt, contact us for mold testing contractors in Richmond, VA.

What is Involved With Mold Testing Service?

How do you measure something that is so small that you can’t even see it? When you don’t hire a reputable mold testing service, you don’t know the whole truth.

Anyone can find small traces of spores in virtually every building in the state. However, it’s knowing when the problem worsens that a professional company comes in handy.

Our experienced technicians take testing samples from both the air and your surfaces. Once we observe what particles are left behind, we can know the extent of the issue.

While we expect to see some degree of spores, we know when it is dangerous. Protect your property and your health with our reliable mold testing contractors.

Air Sample Mold Testing

Because of how small they are, mold and mildew spores easily float in the air. Inside your home’s interior, your ventilation equipment allows them to continue spreading.

Every time you run your thermostat, every spore within the ducts circulates. That means every room will soon start to grow visible blossoms without treatment.

Once the air smells stale every day, a problem likely exists. We take samples directly from the air to investigate what contaminants are there.

You can’t treat what you don’t know, so the first step is to call us. Have your air quality tested for mold and mildew growth for healthier homes.

Surface Sample Mold Testing

Most surfaces throughout your home have porous materials that allow spores to collect. They can appear anywhere from drywall to countertops, to even ceilings and floors.

Unfortunately, you don’t always immediately notice these growths taking place. When they stay out of sight, you don’t think twice about any symptoms.

We can’t stress enough how crucial it is to inspect and treat existing growths. If you aren’t sure that a problem exists, we will find out once and for all.

We implement a variety of professional surface sample testing to investigate your home expertly. Keep your place free from harmful spore growths, and contact us today.

Bulk Surface Mold Samples

While we can physically see fungus taking hold, we may not know what kind it is. When an infestation takes off, we may need to cut out a sample.

At this stage, don’t worry about damaging your surfaces, as it will likely require remediation. Find out what is keeping your family feeling sick with our in-depth testing techniques.

Swab Surface Mold Samples

Our technicians take what looks like an industrial cotton swab to send to the lab. Much like a crime scene investigator, we are looking for what can’t be seen.

Microscopic particles cling to the swab so we can identify the spores later. Put a name to what is threatening you and your family with our reliable technicians.

Tape Surface Mold Samples

What better way to trap a sample than to use something sticky? When we place our specialized tape to air vents and counters, we rip away contaminants.

Much like flypaper, the trapped particles have nowhere to escape once we catch them. With this method, we can thoroughly review each spore to understand what problems exist.

Who Should Hire Mold Testing Contractors in Richmond, VA?

Some homeowners think that hiring a mold tester is a waste of time. Others feel that if they can visibly see growths, they don’t need samples taken.

The bigger question is, how can you know what type of spores you have and how serious they are? Or, where does the spread of mold begin, and what is the source?

Professional testing and inspections not only answer your questions but provide details. Our team will inform you of the nature of your problem and preferred treatments as well.

Understanding what type of mold you face is a significant piece of the puzzle. Go beyond what cheap testing kits can do and hire our local experts.

Why Hire Us for Mold Testing Technicians in Richmond, VA?

You can find many self-proclaimed mold testers, but not all are qualified. Any mold tester worth their weight in gold needs to maintain specific requirements to stay a certified inspector and contractor.

The IACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)  is a group that maintains industry policies. While companies can belong to other groups, this is among the most recognizable.

Our team only uses professional testing equipment and relies on independent laboratory data. We never make any decision based on how much it makes us, but how helpful it is for you.

You also never need to worry about false positives or typical levels becoming invasive treatments. When you need to give your home the best mold testing there is, you need our experts.

The Best Mold Testing Contractors in Richmond, VA

Don’t rely on store-bought kits to keep your home safe. Hire us at Pro Mold Removal Richmond today.